Third party logistics and RFID

Because your data should move as fast as your inventory, we seamlessly integrate with your warehouse management system to give you complete visibility in realtime.

Realtime RFID Inventory Tracking

In your storage facility or ours, Uncommon’s supply chain logistics gets your inventory to where it needs to be – and fast. In addition, our RFID digital tracking services make sure you know exactly where every item is at all times.


We help you minimize your storage requirements and save on warehouse volume by letting you wait until the last possible moment to assemble bulky items. When you’re ready, our team swings in to action to assemble your finished products, ready to send them to the point of consumption.


Every part of our logistics process is optimized for maximum productivity and efficiency, which is why our sequencing services identifies the exact order your component parts should be selected and assembled in. The seconds saved every time we pick components to produce your final product save thousands of hours in the long term.


While you sell complete solutions, they’re often stored as individual components or SKUs. The cost of picking and packing when you need to ship those solutions to their point of sale can disrupt your profit, which is why our kitting service packages your frequently sold bundles into one SKU. When you’re ready to ship to your point of sale, the heavy lifting is already done.

Reverse Logistics

Returns will always be a part of business, and we make it our business to get your returned products back into your inventory as quickly as possible. Our streamlined reverse logistics processes ensure maximum lifecycle for every product and part, letting you capture sales from inventory you once thought was expendable.